Cooperatives Working Together Endorsements



“There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Cooperatives Working Together program is helping dairy farm incomes from coast to coast.”

– Hoard’s Dairyman
National Publication


“Continuation of CWT, in my opinion, [is] very forward looking.  I commend [those who participate] for undertaking what I think will be something that’ll be beneficial to themselves and to the industry as a whole.”

– Congressman Bob Goodlatte
Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Agriculture Committee



“I think CWT has served a real great purpose in the last two years, but I would really like to see it continue.  I would actually like to see the contribution increase and use it for the future.  Our industry will do nothing but benefit if CWT stays in place.”

– Cotton Verhoeven
Chino, CA

“I believe this is an excellent self-help program.  I don’t know how we can improve on perfection.”

Thomas Johnson
Clovis, NM

“The program is well run and was an opportunity for me to gracefully exit the dairy business.”

– Don Jensen
Montpelier, ID

“Keep this excellent program going.”

– Dean VanKooten
Kellogg, IA

“CWT program works great the way it is.  Thank you.”

– Terry and Martin Tumey
Hopkinton, IA


“We think it worked very well as is, and is a big help to the people who got in and helped the ones who did not want to.”

– Lanny Williby
Royal, NE

“This is the only program that makes sense.  CWT meets the problem head on.  Keep up the good work!”

Thomas Moran
Boscobel, WI

 “Don’t ever stop this.  We should have been trying to help ourselves all along.”

– Michael Kraham,
Cooperstown, NY

“Entering the program was a sound business decision for us.  Thank you for the opportunity.”

– Russell and Beth Story
Barton, NY

“I think it is a very useful tool, finally dairymen are being proactive.”

– Robert Sharkey Jr.
Greensburg, LA