Cooperatives Working Together Endorsements



“There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Cooperatives Working Together program is helping dairy farm incomes from coast to coast.”

– Hoard’s Dairyman
National Publication


“Continuation of CWT, in my opinion, [is] very forward-looking.  I commend [those who participate] for undertaking what I think will be something that’ll be beneficial to themselves and to the industry as a whole.”

– Congressman Bob Goodlatte
Former Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Agriculture Committee



“I think CWT has served a real great purpose in the last two years, but I would really like to see it continue.  I would actually like to see the contribution increase and use it for the future.  Our industry will do nothing but benefit if CWT stays in place.”

– Cotton Verhoeven
Chino, CA

“I believe this is an excellent self-help program.  I don’t know how we can improve on perfection.”

Thomas Johnson
Clovis, NM

“Keep this excellent program going.”

– Dean VanKooten
Kellogg, IA

“CWT program works great the way it is.  Thank you.”

– Terry and Martin Tumey
Hopkinton, IA


“This is the only program that makes sense.  CWT meets the problem head-on.  Keep up the good work!”

Thomas Moran
Boscobel, WI

 “Don’t ever stop this.  We should have been trying to help ourselves all along.”

– Michael Kraham,
Cooperstown, NY

“Entering the program was a sound business decision for us.  Thank you for the opportunity.”

– Russell and Beth Story
Barton, NY

“I think it is a very useful tool, finally dairymen are being proactive.”

– Robert Sharkey Jr.
Greensburg, LA