Export Assistance

Strengthening markets at home by selling more products abroad.

At the 2010 Annual Meeting of the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) – which manages CWT – CWT’s management committee voted to focus the program exclusively on building export markets after 2010. CWT’s Export Assistance program assists CWT member cooperatives with exporting eligible dairy products and establishing overseas markets for their members’ milk.

The Export Assistance program helps U.S. dairy farmers by assisting CWT member cooperatives in expanding the market for U.S. dairy products overseas. The financial assistance that CWT provides – when conditions indicate it is justified – helps U.S. dairy products to compete in the world market with state trading companies and the subsidized dairy exports of other countries.


How to Bid

CWT member cooperatives submit requests for financial help in making sales to specified markets of dairy products that the CWT Committee has determined are eligible for assistance. Those products include cheese, butterfat, and whole milk powder. Nonfat dry milk powder and whey powders are not eligible to receive assistance.

The CWT member requesting assistance submits an export assistance application. The information required on the form includes the product to be exported, the buyer and the country the product is being exported to, the quantity of the product to be sold, the delivery schedule, and the amount of export assistance being requested.

CWT then reviews the bid carefully with analysts familiar with international markets and prices. Only if the amount of assistance is economically justified is the export assistance granted.

The CWT member must deliver the product within six months of the acceptance of the request for assistance by CWT. Only when documents proving that the product has been shipped and delivered is the export assistance paid to the CWT member.

2017 CWT Export Assistance Operating Procedures Effective 01012017 The Export Assistance Operating Procedures Application.

Form – 2017 CWT Export Assistance Application The Export Assistance application.

Form – CWT Export Assistance Reimbursement CWT Export Assistance Reimbursement Form.